Sunday, March 6, 2011


Who knew the directions to "Uno" were so complicated? While my wife and I were teaching our kids how to play, I realized that the jist of the game was the same, but our rules were a little different. This lead me to research the true rules of the game. Like many of you, I have been playing the wrong way my entire life. Did you know you can challenge a Draw 4 Card? Me niether. I didn't even know there was a points system. I can't help but wonder what else in my life I have been playing a little incorrectly with supreme confidence. Maybe part of the fun is twisting the rules to fit my particular needs and desires. The problem with that is they sometimes conflict with others based on the cards I happen to be holding at the moment.

While I can surmise the same may be true with conflict at home, the work place, or even at worship, I think you should know that my way is the right way because that is the way I have always done it...same as you.

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